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You’re Worth It – a peer education program

You’re Worth It – a peer education program

You’re Worth It – a peer education program is an education program for older australians to educate them on financial elder abuse. Financial elder abuse is where someone else misappropriates or takes control of an older person’s finances, valuables and/or property, usually in a manner that benefits someone other than the older person.

The older person may be coerced into changing their Will, grant a Power of Attorney, sign over personal funds or real estate, or surrender their pension. Abuse of older people is typically carried out by someone close to an older person with whom they have a trusting relationship.

Studies show incidences of abuse at between 3 and 5% of the population.

Elder abuse is a significant issue for Tasmania.


Peer Educators from COTA TAS are now available to host interactive You’re Worth It information sessions for your seniors group or club. The sessions help you to identify friends and family members at risk of financial abuse and highlight steps you can take to protect your finances and assets.

COTA Peer Educators are volunteers aged over 50 years, who have been trained by COTA to talk with groups about elder financial abuse.

To book an information session for your club or group, contact:


‘Westella’ 181 Elizabeth Street

Hobart TAS 7000

P: (03) 6231 3265 F: (03) 6234 3515



OR email the Peer Education Coordinator Jane Bowman at

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