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Welcome to the Active Ageing Community Consultation

COTA Tasmania has been conducting community consultations over the last few months on behalf of the Tasmanian Government to inform an Active Ageing plan to be released later this year. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the first phase of our consultations. We heard from almost 650 people across the State through focus groups, survey responses, stories and postcards.  

Using feedback from the consultation, COTA have made suggestions to the Tasmanian Government about what it can change, add or keep to ensure that we can all grow older the way we want to, in the place we call home. These suggestions can be found in the ‘Active Ageing Plan Strategic Directions Paper – Part A’. A supporting ‘Background Paper – Part B: Who I am, not how old I am’ includes data from the community consultation. You can access both these documents at the bottom of this page.

Active Ageing is about more than being physically active. It is also about continuing to belong, be involved, learn and have a purpose as we age.

COTA is now conducting the second phase of the community consultations. Though the Active Ageing survey has now closed, you can continue to share your story and tell us what makes your life good or challenging as you age. Contact the COTA office on 6231 3265 or by email at if you would like to contribute. 

Together we can find ways to reduce the barriers to living a good life as we age.

Active Ageing Plan Strategic Directions Paper

Active Ageing Plan Background Document

The Active Ageing Plan is a collaborative effort between the Tasmanian Government and COTA Tasmania