Advance Care Directive: Peer Education Program


“What would happen if you became very sick of had a serious accident and couldn’t talk to your doctor about your treatment?”

What is an Advance Care Directive (ACD)?

An Advance Care Directive is a way to record your wishes so that if you were too unwell to understand your medical treatment choices, or communicate what you want, your wishes could still be respected.

Everyone should have an ACD, especially people who

  • have chronic or life-limiting health conditions
  • are entering residential care facilities
  • believe their family may have different views or beliefs
  • have a condition that may lead to loss of capacity – eg Alzheimer’s Disease

If you have not discussed this with your family, friends or others, and have not written down anything to guide them, they may not know what you would want them to do.

If you write down an ACD you may save your family stress if an emergency should happen.

How does an ACD work?

Under common law in Australia, it is expected that a doctor should comply with the wishes expressed in an ACD, taking into account the clinical situation at the time.

They would also talk to the ‘Person Responsible’ or ‘Enduring Guardian’ who can speak on your behalf about your wishes.

Book a FREE Peer Education Advance Care Directive Information Session

COTA Tasmania is providing free Peer Education information sessions for your seniors group or club. The sessions help you to understand the importance of having completed an Advance Care Directive.

COTA Peer Educators are volunteers aged over 50 years, who have been trained by Palliative Care Tasmania to encourage older Tasmanians to have this important conversation with their family, friends or others. To  book an information session for your club or group or if you would like us to contact you for more information complete the form and we will get back to you.

Please contact Stan Bordeaux, Peer Educator Co-coordinator on (03) 6231 3265 or complete the following form to book a free CDC Peer Education Session.

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