Home Fire Safety: Peer Education Program

Smoke Detector in the smoke of a fire.

Smoke Detector in the smoke of a fire.


Home Fire Safety and Older People

Tasmania has the highest number of house fire deaths and injuries per capita in the nation, with both older people and very young over represented.

Fire spreads very quickly. Fire services estimate there is little time, often only minutes, from the start of a house fire to full involvement of the fire in the room of origin.

Why does Tasmania have more house fires than other States?

The relatively high rate in Tasmania is due in part to our cooler climate, the higher proportion of the population having lower disposable income and the higher proportion of the population being older Tasmanians.

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The HTFS_Comm_0176_0ome Fire Safety Peer Education Program is a State project conducted by COTA Tasmania. Peer Educators are now available to host interactive Fire Safety sessions for your seniors group or club.

These sessions focus on learning about home fire safety including the importance of:

  • Fire characteristics, fire service and fire facts
  • Home fire safety – high risk groups
  • Behaviour in the home that may contribute to fire injury and/or fatality
  • Smoke alarms – role, placement and testing

COTA Peer Educators are volunteers aged over 50 years, who have been trained by the Tasmanian Fire Service to talk with groups about fire safety for older people. To  book an information session for your club or group or if you would like us to contact you for more information complete the form and we will get back to you.

  • Enter the date you would like the session. Allow at least one month notice.