Tasmania’s Liveable Communities Facebook page

The Tasmanian Liveable Communities Facebook page has been developed by COTA Tasmania to raise awareness and share ideas about Liveable Communities. It’s meant to be more than COTA, it’s meant to be Tasmania’s community.

 If you know of a fantastic program, event, story, idea or resource in your community or beyond, we would love to hear about it so we can post it and share it with everyone!


 Have something interesting to share?

We will also be continually updating our Liveable Community resources under the ‘Resources’ tab. If you have any useful resources, please let us know about them so we can add them. Just email RosalindH@cotatas.org.au. 


Does your community want to become a Liveable Community?

COTA can speak to your council about Liveable Communities and how to become one. Contact COTA to organise a meeting to get the ball rolling. 


You can always contact COTA on 6231 3265 or RosalindH@cotatas.org.au if you have any questions or comments about Liveable Communities.