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Centrelink delivers services, programs and payments for Australian government departments. The Centrelink website can make it easier for you to explore your options, know what questions to ask and find out more about how we can help you.

Australian Department of Health & Ageing

This website contains links to information about Services available to older people and their carers, Research and Policy on ageing, the Ageing and Aged Care Division, and Contacts.

Specialist websites from Department of Health and Ageing

  • Aged Care in Australia
    Aged Care Australia is the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing’s premier online source of information for everything you need to know about aged care.
  • HealthInsite
    This site is sponsored by the Australian Government and provides quality information on health topics.
  • Seniors.gov.au

    The Australian Government’s premier source of information for Australians over 50. Seniors.gov.au provides you with a single point of access to Government and non-Government information and services for older Australians

Department of Veterans Affairs

DVA exists to serve members of Australia’s veteran and defence force communities, war widows and widowers, widows and dependants, through programs of care, compensation, commemoration and defence support services.