Embracing the Future: Tasmania’s Ageing Profile is an update of the popular Facing the Future report produced by COTA in 2014 that details the demographic profile and characteristics of Tasmania’s ageing population. The report uses 2016 Census and other data to present state, regional and local government area research to provide better understanding of, and informed planning for, Tasmania’s ageing population. The report has been broken into two parts.

Part I of Embracing the Future details the ‘what’ and ‘where’ of Tasmania’s ageing population, today and into the future.

Part II of Embracing the Future, due for release by June 2019, will detail the ‘who’ and ‘how’ of ageing in Tasmania, including information about health and disability, household structure, socioeconomic status, employment and cultural diversity.

Embracing the Future is proudly supported by the Tasmanian Government through Strong Liveable Communities: Tasmania’s Active Ageing Plan 2017-2022.