Facing the Future: a baseline profile of older Tasmanians

The long-awaited Facing the Future research project is now available. This 203-page document (which has an Executive Summary and Recommendations) is a comprehensive, contemporary and credible baseline profile of Tasmanians aged 60+ from diverse regional and cultural backgrounds.

Accompanying this document will be a series of fact sheets highlighting the most important points in the main document. To date four fact sheets have been completed with a fifth: Connection & Contribution scheduled for release shortly.

This important project is the first and underpinning document in a series of five significant research projects to be delivered by COTA TAS as part of the state government’s Inclusive Ageing Strategy.

Facing the Future – Facts and Figures

Facing the Future – Population

Facing the Future –  Accessibility 

Facing the Future –  Life’s Basics 

Facing the Future – Full Report

Comprehensive profile of older Tasmanians identifies challenges for government (media release)