Liveable Communities Resources

Here you’ll find some resources we have found useful about developing and implementing age-friendly or Liveable Communities. They include general guides and checklists, as well as specific resources for each of the World Health Organisation’s domains of liveability.

We would love your input to help us develop these Liveable Community resources so we can share them throughout the whole of Tasmania and beyond. Do you know of a website, program, article or some research that is great for Liveable Communities?

Email us at [email protected] so we can add it to this resource list.

1. General Information and Guides Jan 2019

2. Outdoor Spaces and Buildings Jan 2019

3. Transportation Jan 2019

4. Housing Jan 2019

5. Social Participation Jan 2019

6. Respect and Social Inclusion Jan 2019

7. Civic Participation and Employment Jan 2019

8. Communication and Information Jan 2019

9. Community and Health Services Jan 2019

10. Models and Checklists of Liveable Communities

11. Tasmanian and Australian Liveable Communities