Liveable Communities Toolkit

Welcome to COTA Tasmania’s Liveable Communities Toolkit!

This Toolkit aims to support councils and communities to create a supportive, inclusive, safe and engaging Tasmania for people of all ages, backgrounds and mobility. The Toolkit documents have information about what Liveable Communities are, how they can be implemented and where to go for more information.

You will also find a PowerPoint as part of the Toolkit, which provides a starting point for council staff and community members to present information about Liveable Communities to council and community.

Liveable Communities benefit everyone, and COTA looks forward to helping to support councils and communities to enable all Tasmanians to live their best lives the way they want.

1. Tasmania’s Ageing Population

2. What is a Liveable Community?

3. How do we become a Liveable Community?

4. Communicating and engaging with your community

5. Digital technology and older Tasmanians

6. 10 easy ways to improve your community

7. 5 large scale ways to improve your community

8. Liveable community resources

Liveable Communities Powerpoint

For more information, contact Ros Herbert on 6231 3265 or [email protected].