Older customers series

The #RethinkAgeing Older Customers series shows older people with businesses that they trust and enjoying using.

This series aims to challenge the stereotypes and biases held by workers and managers about the value of older customers. Older customers are as diverse as any other group, but having grown up in a society where interactions were mainly in person (not online), they generally tend to appreciate being able to talk to someone in a local shop or service rather than go online. They can also be incredibly loyal to businesses that are friendly, helpful and treat them with respect, and have a life’s supply of experience that they can share with staff.

COTA has also developed an Age-Friendly Business Toolkit alongside this series to support businesses to actively aim to better serve older customers, which would lead to an overall better customer service for people of every age, mobility, background and circumstance. You can find out more about the toolkit here.

Thank you to Holts Mitre 10 Sorell, Hill Street Grocer Blackmans Bay and Basket & Green Cafe and their wonderful customers for being part of this project.