Seniors Week 2017

Seniors Week is done and dusted!

Thanks to the organisers of the record 606 Seniors Week events held at 75 locations around the state. And a special thanks to the thousands of Tasmanians who attended the events!

The weather was mostly kind to us, which was ideal for the many external events held outside as part of this year’s “getting outdoors” over-arching theme.

Hopefully those of you who attended one or more events managed to complete the official Seniors Week survey questionnaire. If you did – thanks! – the event oganiser will return the form(s) to COTA to assist with our post-program evaluation and reporting.

If you didn’t complete a survey form but would still like to share your thoughts about Seniors Week, there’s a survey form in the inside back cover of the official printed program that you can populate and mail (or scan) to COTA Tasmania.

Or you can access the online survey here