BURNIE Living Well at Home & Aged Care Know How

Welcome to COTA Tasmania’s newest community-based information session.

Get the “know how” you need to age well at home.

We share top tips about getting support from My Aged Care.  We also share what you can do to get help at home after a hospital stay.

The Living Well at Home session starts with a short presentation, and is followed by an interactive fun workshop where people make a “wellness map.” People often need information and support to get the right help at home – and having a map of your needs and preferences is a great starting point.

At the end of the session, we also offer one-on-one support to people who want to discuss their personal situation.

This session educates, encourages and supports people to think, talk about and plan for their own well-being. Life often presents us with setbacks. Being prepared with the right information, asking the right questions, keeps you in control.