All regions - Physical Activities


Walk & Talk Club

Meet at St Helens Neighbourhood House and join Rod for a casual, gentle walk along the St Helens waterfront and later for a coffee and chat. Very light exercise, suitable for all abilities. Please wear suitable footwear and dress for the weather!

North West Walking Club

The North West Walking Club walks for pleasure and has members aged between eight to eighty plus, with varying levels of fitness. The group meets twice a month at the Ulverstone High School from 7:30pm and conducts a minimum of two walks each weekend, where new members are made most welcome. 

East Devonport Walking Group

There is a small group of walkers who spend an hour strolling along flat walkways throughout the city, meeting at 10am sharp. Walkers come for fitness or weight loss, relaxation or general health improvement, or walking their dog. Come and join the group for an enjoyable stroll through the city.

Deloraine Walking Club

The Deloraine Walking Club is made of people who are interested in exploring their local area around Deloraine. Activities include day walks, overnight and extended walks, car camping trips, kayak trips, snow trips, bike rides and social get-togethers. All walks and activities are graded from short and easy to long and rough.