Masks now required indoor spaces

From 12.01am Tuesday 21 December 2021 face masks must be worn by everyone aged 12 and over when in public indoor settings in Tasmania.

Masks provide an additional layer of protection against COVID-19 for both yourself and others around you.

Face masks are required to be worn when visiting:

  • indoor workplaces such as offices
  • education settings for example university buildings or schools
  • indoor businesses and shops such as supermarkets, restaurants or pubs
  • indoor service settings such as banks or pharmacies
  • public transport such as a bus, taxis or in a rideshare

Masks are not required to be worn outdoors, unless attending a large event where masks are already required. You may choose to wear a mask outdoors as an additional safety measure against COVID-19.

When at home or visiting someone else in their home, a mask is not mandatory.

Masks may be removed to eat or drink but must be put back on immediately after you have finished.  There are certain exceptions to wearing a mask, including for certified medical reasons. Reasons for not wearing a mask are not always obvious, so please be respectful of others.

For more information on the mask wearing requirement, please see Mandatory mask wearing in public.