Centenarians and young artists invited to join “The Centenarian Portrait Project by Teenagers”

The Centenarian Portrait Project by Teenagers is seeking Tasmanian centenarians and teenage artists to join this community arts project that promotes intergenerational friendships, celebrates life at 100 (in all its forms) and fights the negative ageing stigma.

The Tasmanian rendition will culminate in an exhibition in June 2022 presenting portraits of 100-year-olds by local teenage artists, following a life-affirming intergenerational process.

Organisers are looking for centenarians who would like their portrait painted or drawn, and local artists aged 15 to 19 who would like to create the portraits. After the exhibition, portraits will be
gifted to each centenarian subject. If you know someone who would be interested in being involved, please contact Embraced Inc via info@embraced.com.au, visit www.embraced.com.au or ring 0484 197 345.

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