Talk Against Elder Abuse 2020

Talk Against Elder Abuse 2020

Talk Against Elder Abuse 2020

Be Part of the Solution on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Have you ever been part of a COTA Tasmania Walk Against Elder Abuse?

Have you never walked against elder abuse but always hoped one day you would?

Whatever your connections, wherever you are,
this year we’re asking you to join us to 
Talk the Walk instead. 

In the COVID-19 recovery period it will not be possible for us to hold our usual marches to mark World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on 15 June.

At the same time, physical distancing has increased social isolation, which is one of the biggest risks for elder abuse.

In days like these, conversation is a lifebuoy for many older people, and for the communities that support them.

So this year, we’re asking you to be part of the solution by raising awareness of elder abuse the best COVID-safe way you can.

Everyone Can Talk Against Elder Abuse

There are so many ways to connect with people, even during periods of physical distancing:

  • use your voice from 1.5 metres away
  • use your phone
  • use Zoom
  • use Skype
  • use FaceTime
  • use your imagination.

Whatever COVID-safe way works for you, please join us on 15 June and Talk Against Elder Abuse with at least one other person, then ask them to pass it on.

Check out the graphics and resources below that you can use to spread the word.

And if you can, please make videos or images, or take photos of yourself Talking Against Elder Abuse. Then share those videos and photos in any of the following ways:

  • post them to your own social media using the hashtags #TalkAgainstElderAbuse and #WEAAD2020
  • share them with @COTATas
  • send them to with WEAAD in the subject line, for us to put them on this website and our social media pages.

The colour of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is purple.

So bring out the purple shawl, the purple bandanna,
the purple tie, the purple pooch, the purple hair
or the purple virtual background
as we make our voices heard 
on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day,
15 June 2020!

  • You can find information about elder abuse here.
  • You can learn about the origins and aims of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day here.
  • You can find information about where to get help here.

There’s Inspiration for Every Age

As part of their involvement in WEAAD last year, the Z Club students at Ogilvie High School produced this inspiring video. Perhaps you could produce a video that talked against elder abuse with imagery that was COVID-safe.

The video below, produced by EveryAGE Counts, is example of the way video can be used creatively to talk against the ageism that is at the heart of so much elder abuse.

There are all kinds of ways to encourage people to start a conversation. For example, the image below was created entirely by using PowerPoint shapes.

You Can Share the Graphics Below to Spread the Word

Join a Public Forum on Zoom Arranged by COTA Tas

On 15 June, COTA Tasmania is hosting a public forum on elder abuse, which we hope you will join. We’ll have more details about this closer to the date. If you’d like to get a personal notification about the event, please email with WEAAD in the subject line.

Organisations Can Get Talking Against Elder Abuse

We’re grateful to the many organisations that support COTA Tasmania on our walks every year. This year, as well as taking all the opportunities outlined above to find out more and get the message out, we’re asking you to use visual conferencing to talk about elder abuse with your members, staff or volunteers.

Ask participants to visit the elder abuse sections of this website and the Compass website before the meeting. When you get together online, everyone present could then talk about ways your organisation could be part of the solution.

If you would prefer, COTA Tasmania and our partner organisations could join your online meeting at no charge to present information or answer questions. Just email with WEAAD in the subject line to arrange.

After the meeting, use your social media and newsletters to let everyone know your organisation Talked Against Elder Abuse for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2020.

There Are Grants for Video Conferencing

If you don’t have a video conferencing account to do a meeting online, you can apply for a grant from the Primary Health Network to pay for the subscription. You can find information about how to apply here.

COTA Tasmania would be happy to help you set up your meeting to Talk Against Elder Abuse. Again, just contact us on with WEAAD in the subject line.

COTA Tasmania Acknowledges the Support of the Tasmanian Government

COTA Tasmania’s activities to raise awareness of elder abuse prevention and World Elder Abuse Awareness Day are supported by the Tasmanian Government.