Aged Care Support – Help Sheets

Aged Care Support – Help Sheets

Getting Started Help Sheets

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What is the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP)?

Helps older people living in the community maintain their independence by providing basic entry level support services that take into account individual strengths, needs and preferences. The services promote wellness and build on any strengths and abilities. Entry level support can be provided on a short term (ie, after leaving hospital) or an ongoing basis.

This program also supports carers by providing planned respite services for eligible older people to allow carers to take a break.

CHSP Help Sheets

Assessment of my needs – Commonwealth Home Support Program

Am I eligible – Commonwealth Home Support Program

Costs and charges – Commonwealth Home Support Program

Support plan and services – Commonwealth Home Support Program

Finding a service provider – Commonwealth Home Support Program


What is a Home Care Package (HCP)?

A Home Care Package provides coordinated and personalised care at home. There are four levels of care packages to support people with either basic, low, intermediate or high care needs. It can include personal care, support services, nursing, allied health and clinical services.

All Home Care Packages are provided on a consumer directed care basis and include case management. This means your service provider will work with you to identify the care and services to meet your particular needs.

Home Care Packages Help Sheets

My needs are assessed – Home Care Package

I am eligible for a Home Care Package: I am assigned a Home Care Package

Choosing a Service Provider – Home Care Packages

Costs and charges – Home Care Packages

Changing your Home Care Package service provider


Residential Aged Care Help Sheets

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