Age-Friendly Business

Age-Friendly Business

“Negative stereotypes don’t only discriminate against older people, they cost retailers a significant market share.” The Hon. Susan Ryan AO, former Age Discrimination Commissioner.

The COTA Age-Friendly Business Toolkit gives Tasmanian businesses information and ideas about looking after customers of any age, background or current situation. This includes:

“When I dyed my hair I wasn’t treated like an idiot, but as soon as I stopped, they [staff] treat you like you’re fragile, talk to you really slowly. It’s the old saying: the older you become, the more invisible.” Older Tasmanian, Sorell.

Everyone wants friendly and respectful treatment when they go shopping, buy a meal or use a service. But while lots of Tasmanian businesses and services aim to have great customer service, many older people feel ignored and belittled by staff because of their age.

Many businesses already strive to be age-friendly businesses because age-friendly businesses are simply about respecting every customer that walks through the door. By actively aiming to better serve older Tasmanians, age-friendly businesses become a place where all customers, regardless of age, mobility, background or situation, can feel valued, respected and safe.

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