Protect Yourself from Elder Abuse

Protect Yourself from Elder Abuse

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Older Tasmanians have the right to dignity and respect and to be able to make their own decisions.  They also have the right to live in a safe environment free from abuse.

The World Health Organisation defines the abuse of older people (or Elder Abuse) as: a single or repeated act, or

lack of appropriate action, occurring within any relationship where there is an expectation of trust which causes harm or distress to an older person.

COTA Tas delivers this module to older Tasmanians so that they are are able to be aware of the signs of Elder Abuse.

  • Elder abuse can be physical, psychological, sexual, social or financial. It may include mistreatment and neglect.
  • Elder abuse is usually caused by a family member but it may also be caused by a friend or neighbour.
  • The most common forms of elder abuse are psychological and financial.

By recognising the signs, older Tasmanians can often prevent abuse. The ways to help prevent Elder Abuse are also discussed in this forum.

Most importantly, we are able to provide people with the information on how to get more information and help.

Our Peer Educators are not counselors and will not provide advice – This module provides non threatening, useful information to assist participants to lead safe and happy lives as they get older.