Recruiting for Life Experience

Tasmania has the oldest median age (42 years), four years above the national average; the highest proportion of people aged over 65 years and the lowest proportion of children and working age people of any Australian state or territory. Nearly one in every 5 people is aged 65 and over. (ABS 2016)

The percentage of the Tasmanian workforce aged 45 years and older was 45.5% in 2016. This figure represents an increase of 12.9% since 2006 and compares to a national figureĀ of 7.5% increase since 2006. (Denny 2017)

Government policy is encouraging Australians to work longer by increasing the pension age over time. The current qualification age for the Age Pension is 65 years, increasing to 67 years by 1 July 2023.

So too are expectations about retirement and work in later life changing due to better health, individual aspirations and the need to ensure ongoing financial security.

Despite the ageing of our workforce, existing industry workforce development plans pay limited attention to need to retain and/or reskill older workers and promote age diverse and inclusive workforces.