Piecing It Together

Piecing It Together

COTA Tasmania is teaming up with the Glenorchy City Council to deliver its third Piecing it Together project and, as COVID-19 restrictions ease, it’s great to be able to reconnect with our communities early in 2021. Click here to donate now!

Piecing it Together is an intergenerational street art project that brings younger and older people together to l  earn about, design, and create street art. The project challenges stereotypes about being younger and becoming older to reduce ageism, and promote respect and understanding in our communities.

We are currently fundraising to get Piecing it Together – Glenorchy up and running in Cooper Street. We need to raise $15,000 by Wednesday 11 November, with all the money raised going towards the project and used to fund things like our artists, project management and administration, paint and safety supplies, safety assessments, marketing, and morning tea for participants. You can also select Piecing it Together rewards that feature artwork from Piecing it Together 2020 – Clarence as part of your donation, including

  • Magnets
  • Temporary magpie tattoo
  • Mini stencils
  • Tea towel

By supporting Piecing it Together, you can support people in your community to come together and create a space that everyone can enjoy. This is a great opportunity to reconnect with our communities, turn a dull community space into something that all community can enjoy, and celebrate the start 2021 as we recover from the impacts of COVID-19.

Let’s start 2021 by Piecing things back Together!

A huge, huge thank you to our supporters so far:

  • Soula Houndalas
  • Jennifer Manison
  • Lisa Free
  • Lys Schultz
  • Brigid Wilkinson
  • Tess Fletcher
  • John Pauley
  • Sue Leitch
  • And all our anonymous supporters – we see you!